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Dr. Wajd A. Maaytah

BDS (University of Jordan)

Dr. Wajd Maayath SDOC


Dr. Wajd is in charge of the General Dentistry and Child Dentistry Clinic at SDOC.

He is a highly competent dentist with a proven ability to relate well to dental patients of all ages. Possessing a successful track of ensuring dental practices in a surgery are continuously updated to provide first rate care to patients and their families via understanding their needs and successfully diagnosing and treating their dental problems.

He is a graduate of the University of Jordan in 2015 and is invovled in an impressive number of activities and scientific and social volunteering, including:

-Being the Founder of the Dental Research Club (DRC) in the University of Jordan.

-Being a Significant contributor in the Journal of Caner Education PMID: 25851202

-Organizer of “Students First Scientific Day” event - April 2015.

-Organizer of “DRC Phase 1, Stepping onto the Road of Research” event -March, 2014.

-Volunteering at Operation smile Jordan (OSJ) since June 2014.

-Attending OSJ Al-Karak mission – June 2014.

-Volunteering for Smile Campaign – March 2014.

-Volunteering for JADS free dental care day at the University of Jordan Hospital - September 2013.

-Volunteering for JADS free dental care day at the University of Jordan Hospital - August 2014.


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