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Dr. Maya Qatami Samawi is our Specialist Endodontist at SDOC, specializing in Root Canal Treatments, as well as other cosmetic dento-facial treatments.

She is a Jordanian-Boarded Specialist Endodontist, registered on the Jordanian Dental Association’s Specialist Register, with over 11 years of experience in both public and private practice of dentistry to date, and a Part-time Lecturer at The School of Dentistry at The University of Jordan in Amman.

She has been active as part of the Executive Committee of the Jordanian Endodontic Society, and has taken part in the organization of Jordanian Endodontic Conferences here in Amman.

Her qualifications include:

The Jordanian Board in Endodontics – JBE (The Jordanian Medical Council) in

Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) from The University of Jordan

Aristotle was right; we are what we repeatedly do. Beautiful, high quality results are never achieved suddenly nor spontaneously, but rather through a series of small, dedicated acts of excellence repeated day-in and day-out.

Professionalism in how we interact with our patients and in the way we perform our treatments is a basic pillar in our understanding of how to be the best – and remain the best – at what we do.

We have long been trusted to provide our patients with what’s in their best, long-term interest. We strongly believe that medical ethics must be the guiding principles in everything we do.